Thursday, December 1, 2011

What would inSyte do to personal conversations?

On the one hand, it would raise the level of the discussion because you don’t have to argue or debate about the facts. So it frees us to focus on concepts, ideas.

On the other hand, can you have a simple conversation? Would we be bored with small talk, already a lost art form? Would we constantly check and correct everything anyone else said?

Sort of like Vulcan’s from Star Trek? “Excuse me, Doctor, but that is factually incorrect.”

And what about the continual interruptions? We think crackberry addicts are bad now, what if everyone had inSyte? You’re having a conversation with someone and they get these constant distant looks in their eyes, or they seem to glance down to read the ticker.

Your wife is telling you about her day and you’re smiling and nodding while you’re watching the ballgame in real time in your mind. I mean, how could you resist?

Again – we would need the proper tools to filter out interruptions.

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