Thursday, May 26, 2011

High Concept

High Concept

My last post describes the high concept for my novel, inSyte. In my novel, an ex-Navy SEAL – Mitch - discovers how to beam data directly to his optic nerve. The year is 2020 and the actual cell phone electronics are typically painted onto a fingernail in the form of e-resin.

His software is always on, churning away at the input data – ie, reality. A regression analysis informs Mitch (thru a hallucination, of course) that a great holocaust is coming based on events put in place by a local politician. So the dilemma for Mitch is – should he kill the man? Tough call especially since Mitch is in love with the man’s daughter. Meanwhile, a paranormal killer is stalking Mitch to make sure he does not bring down the politician’s plan.

All the while inSyte is affecting him, taking over his mind like a drug.

Here’s an excerpt from my novel that shows how inSyte technology would allow you to see into men’s hearts, be in all places at all times. Sort of like God.

Mitch knew sleep wasn’t coming so he opened his mind to the Grid. Spread your little wings and fly away. Fly away, far away.

I need warp speed, Scotty, and I need it now!

He’d told Woody he couldn’t see into men’s hearts or be all places at all times. But that wasn’t true. Not exactly. He could tap into camera feeds and blogospheres and eyes and ears and he clenched his fists into the sheets because now he was tripping, really cruising, wandering the earth like Kwai Chang Caine in a rocket ship.

Times Square, the Vegas Palazzo, McKenna Beach, Midtown Tower Tokyo, One Churchill Place, he was in the stratosphere, the fucking exosphere, one camera feed to the next to the next, he tore across stepping stones like a presence, like a true being that was being everywhere at the same time, a part of all things. He sailed oceans climbed mountains scaled buildings ducked through tunnels bounced into satellites above the planet holy crap through a dorm room are those real and people were in every position on everything everywhere doing working playing thinking and it turns out he did know their thoughts after all.

Slammey28 screamed in a tweet that his next move was to pocket his baby Glock and hunt down the ex. The forty caliber knew how to get a bitch’s attention and she ought to know better than to fuck with a man’s truck come on, who does that? TheBiffer18 slipped silk boxers inside out so his member would be caressed by only the finest material during his lap dance in the city and BarbE-Dahl69 said Hallelujah Brother, she loved to see a man have a good time in this world. HarryPitts41 had a rotting cat in his kitchen and was there anyone else out there who had to kill their feline cuz it wouldn’t stop pissin in the sink and if so, how did they get rid of the carcass in an apartment community? DangerWillRobinson suggested a contractor-grade lawn bag, you could get ‘em at the local Home Depot. madEllen19 sobbed, how could bubbuh26 leave her in second life after the adventures they shared, what kindda man just up and runs off after slaying dragons together and making love at the Lost Gardens of Apollo? mamapower58 toyed with the idea of suicide since the C took her son she just couldn’t stand it, oh Lord did anyone out there hear her, please God anyone at all, oh please, oh please, I’m begging---

Captain! She can’t take much more of this!

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