Friday, December 30, 2011

What other sorts of things could we do with inSyte? (2)

If you’re in an accident then you can call for help. Telepathically.

Pretty neat.

You’re in a critical meeting and you have transparent access to your engineers back at HQ. Better than that, they are literally attending the meeting through your eyes and ears. Talk about driving efficiency.

You’re about to say something insensitive at a dinner party, your wife doesn’t have to pretend to change the subject or kick you under the table. She just tells you to shut up through your common feed.

Let’s reverse it – how do you protect your thoughts. You don’t want your wife to know that you don’t like her meatballs, or how cute you think the waitress is. Or if she’s telling you about her day you don’t want her to know you’re really watching the ballgame.

So you have to protect your thoughts. OK – no need to reinvent the wheel. One approach might be to leverage so called demilitarized zones. Create DMZs just like we have on networks today.

So only your thoughts that go into the DMZ can be picked up on.

That would be fine for business and for general interactions with people.

But what about your spouse? Is the person you love going to be OK with that? Now you’re hiding your thoughts intentionally?

Could the authorities get a warrant to explore past the DMZ based on the Patriot Act?

Does probable cause enter the equation if the authorities find actual physical proof of premeditation only as a result of reading your thoughts?

Well, if they could prevent another 911 then of course you would want them to.

So – could they insert this into your head to read your thoughts? Beats waterboarding.

I’m sure this would spawn massive legal questions that would make it all the way to the Supreme Court.

What about hackers? Someone could hack into your mind to steal critical information. Business info, credit card, passwords. Or insert, ie push, a nightmare image. Cause a hallucination. Take you into a virtual reality. Maybe during a business meeting. Or a robbery. Or a date.

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