Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Post

I'm going to tell you a story about my unique, disturbing, and somewhat likeable antagonist - Cheslov...

Cheslov once had a man on his vessel, Charles Johnson, a successful American businessman. Charles was a prominent citizen in the community, active in the megachurch and local politics. Charles promoted family values and thought the best way to reduce teen pregnancy and venereal disease was pure abstinence. If not factually accurate, well, it didn’t matter. God did not want American teenagers to fuck before marriage and He surely didn’t want man to lay with man or woman with woman. Hell, it was right there in the bible for anyone to read.

The megachurch where Charles was assistant minister believed he made his living as a wholesale shoe distributor. Business took him to Russia two to three times a year. For years Charles lured beautiful young Russian teenagers to America with empty promises of stardom as models and entertainers.

Though a man of questionable ethics himself, Cheslov harbored a protective streak when it came to children. Like a pack leader, he possessed a strong paternal instinct. One that he did not entirely understand.

For fun, Cheslov pretended to be a smuggling agent who could help Charles snare girls by acting as his point man in Russia. He took Charles fishing hundreds of kilometers into the Gulf so they could enjoy secure business discussions. On the second bottle of Stoli, Charles really opened up.

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