Saturday, July 2, 2011

Virtual Telepathy

Your world, Connected. We see these taglines for SPs and for technology. Because with a smartphone or a PC there are a number of ways to communicate with others. In real time.

Instant Messaging, Skype, phone calls (of course) – but calls that take place over the data network. Facetime.

So in my book, only one person has the screen in his mind.

What happens when everyone has it?

Well, then you’re communicating in real time with other people using the airwaves, using RF.


My novel explores one person having access to a screen and the voice recognition SW has developed to the point where google searches occur based on local audio. So he can search the grid the way others search their mind.

But what if he could search by just ‘thinking’. He does some of that in my book, and I don’t make a real distinction between voice recognition vs thinking – but in reality they are two entirely different things.

The idea VR tech could advance by 2020 to real time – not a big leap.

The idea that your thought waves could act as input to a virtual keyboard, if you will – well, that’s a bigger leap.

Yet the technology is out there, it’s being explored. Neurofeedback – or Thought Technology – is about EEG based biofeedback where technology responds to your thoughts, to your brain energy and patterns. Pretty rudimentary today. Designed for people who are paralyzed where they can navigate a computer mouse, to some degree.

Very much like telepathy.

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