Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What other sorts of things could we do with inSyte? (1)

Your world, Connected. We see these taglines for SPs and technology. Because with a smartphone or a PC there are a number of ways to communicate with other people.

Instant Messaging, Skype, Apple’s new Facetime.

In my book, only one person has the screen in his mind.

What happens when everyone has it?

Well, then you’re communicating in real time with other people using the airwaves, using RF.


You can talk to anyone else on the grid with your thoughts.

The simple notion is that someone IM’s you, you have an IM session in your head.

Ok – so you can IM someone. Big deal. How about skype? Communicating with your friend. Having an actual conversation. Silently. And he sees what you see.

Except that he’s in another room. Or across town. Or across the country. Or across an ocean.

It’s no different then communicating telepathically. Better, actually, because of the video component.

Sounds like impossible science fiction from the fifties, right?

In fact, if you were an observer from the fifties, you would look on incredulously and likely conclude mankind had discovered an innate telepathic ability.

But as we have this discussion, you see it’s just technology.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss what you could do with this ability…

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