Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virtual Telepathy - part 4

Think of a hydraulic suit, the kind used in the military. So called exoskeleton suits. An article from Sept 2010 demonstrated the 2nd generation Exoskeleton (XOS 2) that allows a soldier to easily and repeatedly lift 200 pounds and punch through 3 inches of solid wood. Eventually you get to suit Sigourney Weaver used to battle the queen in 1986’s Aliens.

The you slim it down so that being paralyzed is not something you would necessarily notice.

So man is melded with machine.

And inSyte does the same for the mind. Blindness? A thing of the past. People can see now through a camera smaller than a button in resolution that exceeds natural sight because it includes infrared, a larger spectrum of light becomes visible.

No more need for flashlights for anyone.

These are physical meldings.

Mental – now you have access to everything all the time. You google as easily as you peruse your own memories.

Try to remember the lyrics to a song you used to know. You can’t quite remember so you google it.

Well, now you wouldn’t have to do that manually. Anything you think of, it’s there, in your mind. You’d soon lose the sensation that you were looking on servers. IT would all just become part of your memory.

There would be no more betting on recorded information. I’ll bet you twenty bucks the Beatles first showed up in the US in Feb 1964. Thing of the past.

You wouldn’t leave home with out it. You think you feel naked leaving your home without your cell phone? You would feel downright blind and dumb without inSyte. Flying without your instruments. Weak. Frail. Insubstantial. Incapable. Alone. Afraid.

Within 10 years clock speeds for CPU’s will catch up and surpass the speed of thought. What about within 50 years? 100 years?

Machines taking over?

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