Friday, July 22, 2011

Virtual Telepathy - part 3

OK, back to positive uses: I can tell my wife to pick up some milk. While I’m at home and she’s at the store.

But we’re back to the interruption thing. You’d never get ANYTHING accomplished.

So you would have to devise a way to shut others out. Unless its an emergency.

What about hackers? Someone could hack into your mind with a nightmare image. Cause a hallucination. Take you into a virtual reality. Maybe during a business meeting. Of course, that happens today, every day. But it’s your computer or smart phone that’s getting hacked. Not your mind.

What about TV Game shows? Jeopardy. You have to have a way to turn it all off.

OK – back to the communication techniques. Instant Messaging, Skype, phone calls (of course) – but calls that take place over the data network.

Facetime calls take place in your mind now.



Skype with avatars – so now someone virtually flirts with you and they look like Marilyn Monroe and you look like Clint Eastwood. Who knows what you both really look like.

Who cares?

Could this extend to business meetings? So you want to come across as tall, dark, menacing? Or charming, the perfect gentlemen.

Why stop there? Program it all ahead of time.

I’m not saying the computers would handle all aspects of the negotiation any time soon, that success and profit and loss financially and in a larger business sense are achieved by the company who hires the best programmers.

In the near term its probably something more along the lines of a melding of man and machine. So the machine component improves the package. The mental package.

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