Sunday, October 30, 2011

OK - we have size, bw, viewing and triggering - now what?

So far all we’ve talked about is searching. But it’s really more than that, isn’t it. Much more.

It’s viewing – in your mind – all the information available on an external screen today. (VFAT)

Video – you could be casually watching a TV show in your mind and also have a split screen to the the video camera you have at your front door, or at your cabin, or at your office.

Or any feed from millions of video cameras connected to the global internet. So you could see anything, anywhere, anytime.

Did you forget the name of the person you’re talking to at a party? Face recognition will tell you their name and their FB page tells you their wife and kid’s names.

You have Augmented Reality. Today with Google Goggles, you look at a building through your smartphone lens and information about the structure will pop up. There are apps that convert Spanish to English. In real time. You would have all of that in your mind now. You look at a building and see blueprints, see the menu items for a restaurant. From a block away. See inside the building if you can find the camera feed.

Read tweets and Facebook posts so you know what people are thinking. Not today’s tweets, but 3rd and 4th generation tweets that will bring everything closer to real time.

So you have access to all mankind’s knowledge, you can be all places at all times, see into the hearts of men, and you’re all knowing as you gaze upon the world – or at least your City block.

Sort of like God.

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