Friday, September 30, 2011

Specifically, what are the technical challenges?

There are 4 considerations - size, bandwidth, viewing and triggering. Today we'll discuss size...

Ray Kurzweil makes the point in his Trancendental Man documentary that the computer we all carry around with us (ie smartphone) is 1 billion times better then computers of the sixties in terms of processing power per dollar. I think he factors size into his equation too. The power of exponential improvements.

Moore’s Law. Processing power will double every two years, the size decreases, etc. So by Ray’s calculation, the smartphone will be the size of a blood cell by 2029.

OK – so size is essentially zero.

In my novel, the micro evolves into a fun fashion statement. Old folks used ceramic clips on their belt. Boring. Others hide micros in earrings, watches, rings.

Teenagers don’t screw around. Skin patches. Tattoo ink. Breast implants.

But most people simply paint their fingernails with an electronic resin.

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