Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How far are we from having transparent internet access

Very real possibility within a decade or so.

Today we talk about 3 screens – the computer, the TV and the smartphone display. With Mitch, my main character, his mind becomes the 4th screen.

So it’s really just another screen to view whatever’s on your smartphone screen. That includes surfing. Someone could ask you a question and you could Google it and see the answer. Pretty simple.

Today you’re able to wirelessly connect your screen data to special pairs of glasses. Vusix and Sharp make the glasses. Let’s say a decade from now you can stream to any pair of glasses, and that includes contact lenses.

Now let’s assume voice recognition software improves and when someone asks a question you see the search results automatically.

Which film won the Academy Award in 1975?

Boom – “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” scrolls across the bottom of your vision field like the ticker on a news channel.

How do you tie a bowline knot?

Boom – watch an animation and tie away.

Any math problem – bam, answer is right there in Google search.

Let’s call this concept, inSyte.

If you saw someone today with this ability, you would think – wow, genius. Except we’re not talking about a genius. We’re talking about everyone having this ability, all the time.

And yes, it is inevitable.

Think about when you try to remember something and it takes a few seconds. You’re searching your local HD, so to speak. With inSyte, when you try to remember something, you might find the answer on a server in Germany. And you have no idea. Your memory now consists of man’s entire recorded set of information.

inSyte would become an extension of your own memory. In the cloud. You would become so dependent that without it you would feel empty. Unplugged.

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