Thursday, May 19, 2011

He indentured the young Russian girls into prostitution, forced them to live in squalor, and routinely beat them into submission. He told the young girls their parents sold them, they were forgotten by their families, they were his property. The twelve year olds believed this absolutely. Some older tuna were skeptical. (Cheslov was long accustomed to weasel wording by fools such as Charles in an attempt to conceal distasteful business). Occasionally he had to carve an older girl and leave her body in the common quarters for a few days. Charles made sure her dead eyelids were open. He told the living tuna he could see them through the dead tuna’s eyes. Charles always rubbed his belly with a hearty laugh when he told this part of his tale. He confided with Cheslov that the empty eyes really closed the deal on the other tuna. Calmed them the hell down.

Charles enjoyed his vodka with fresh grapefruit juice so Cheslov purchased a pewter spoon just for their trips. Essential for anyone who enjoys eating grapefruit, his well-balanced citrus spoon had a finely serrated edge so fruit separated easily from the membrane.

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