Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where are we going?

May 22, 2011

Consider this - what would you do if you could access all the information on the net ... by merely closing your eyes? Very real possibility in a few years. Here’s how.

Most of you have seen those glasses you hook up to your ipod and view the content on what supposedly look like a 50” HD TV. Vuzix makes a few versions and refers to their product as a “head mounted display”.

So it’s really just another screen to view whatever’s on your smartphone screen. That includes surfing. Someone could ask you a question and you could Google it and see the answer. Pretty simple.

Let’s assume that a decade from now you’re able to Bluetooth your screen data to any pair of glasses. Or contact lenses. Or directly into your optic nerve. Let’s assume voice recognition software improves and now when someone asks you a question you see the answer automatically.

Let’s call this concept, inSyte.

Twenty years ago most of us did not have cell phones. Today most of us feel naked when we leave the house without it. Imagine having inSyte on all the time. Sort of does for your mind what a military hydraulic suit does for your body.

inSyte would become an extension of your own memory. In the cloud. You would become so dependent that without it you would feel empty. Unplugged.

And what about the social order? By and large every society has class separation and that separation is based on education.

What about seeing into men’s hearts? Well, not too difficult with next generation live tweets and FB postings. Not to mention an always on surveillance society with eyes everywhere.

Starting to get the picture?

How about the impact on productivity? Our economy had a nice boost in the 90’s when PCs hit an inflection point in terms of power and ease of use.

What would inSyte do to our economy?

I’ll explore these concepts in my next post.

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