Friday, June 3, 2011

What about the social order?

What about the social order?

June 3, 2011

What are the implications? I mean, how do people interact with each another? You’re not talking about using a calculator you keep in your shirt pocket, here. You’re talking about giving people all the answers all the time. To any question. And it’s impossible to tell if that person’s smart as hell or just reading from the Grid. Or even paying attention? Christ!

Every civilization has a class system. Since the Greeks. Today the classes are separated by education.”

Meaning knowledge.

If suddenly everyone knows everything… well, that raises a lot of interesting questions.

How could people be satisfied with lower lots in life? Think about it. If you’re better at searches you’ll know more than your Doctor. You literally do a better, faster diagnosis.

Still, it’s not enough to know something. Experience plays a huge role. It’s not like I can read how to conduct open heart surgery and then go perform one. The how-to knowledge doesn’t help if I faint at the sight of blood. Same applies to flying an airplane.

And personalities will always dominate. I might have access to the same information as a businessman, but if he reads people better he’s going to close the sale and I’m not. A lot of factors differentiate people way beyond mere information. Sure, you’ve got to have the info to begin with. But how you deal with situations, interact with people, control emotion… those are real attributes that aren’t going away.

In war gaming, Red Team activity was used to reveal weaknesses in military readiness.

I’ve given you the strengths. Where are the weaknesses?

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